The Art of Block Printing


India, since ancient times, is known for its unique arts and crafts. Different types of hand printing techniques are used in this country by people of varied customs and culture.

Hand block Print

Hand block printing is one of the most popular forms of hand printing. This art of printing has been in use for centuries.

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Hand block printing
Block printing

Sanganeri Print

Sanganeri from Gujarat and Bagru from Rajasthan are the two most famous type of block printing among other. What primarily distinguishes them from one another is the color of the background on which they are printed. Bagru prints are done on black and red background whereas Sanganeri is done on white background.

Sanganeri print

Bagru Print

In the western part of India, the block prints are typically fine, however, in the eastern part, the prints are bolder and bigger with strong colors like black, blue, rust and Gold. Lepakshi and Ajarakh prints are also examples of the type of block prints. The unique feature of this printing is the number of printing variations that can be made in the same type of motifs.

Bagru print

Ajrakh Print

Artist of Gujarat uses the mud resist – printing method to print their textile and make intricate blocks. These prints are called Sodagiri (trader) prints. The popular patterns in Kutch are black and red designs of dancing girls, birds and animals. One of our most favorite block printing technique is Ajrak – The Ajrak resist-printing technique is found in Anjar and Dhamadka in Kutch. In several patterns, the painted Ajrak cloth has various colours like red, blue, black and white. The other well-known centers for Block Printing in India are Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh.

Ajrakh print

Sodagiri Print

The reasons why hand block prints are one of the most loved and explored Indian craft in other countries as well as in India. Traditional printing technique, Explorations in the designs are always done according to the need, Practiced in many clusters all over India, The traditional block printing craft has flourished over the past three decades, with increasing demand from both export and domestic markets, A large mass of people are involved in this business, India is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of block printed fabric in the world. Block printing craftsmen use wooden or metal blocks to create beautiful designs, Block Printing on Textiles has a very small carbon footprint. The printing and coloring process is labour-intensive and uses no electricity, The process uses vegetable dyes that are chemical-free, The material used for block printing is usually handloom fabrics, organic textiles or khadi.

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