The ‘Label Studio,’ is a unique blend of ancient and current vogue- a fashion label that meshes the long-forgotten, traditional Indian techniques of ‘Tying’ and ‘Dyeing’ with contemporary fashion, which exudes elegance and class. Our products are weaved in the most brilliant hues, inlaid with intricate design patterns and decked with craftsmanship beyond compare.

We infuse the secret, ancient art of dying fabrics dating back to the ‘Indus Valley Civilization,’ where each fold is handcrafted to perfection, down to the shade and texture. All garments are entirely home-grown, down to the raw materials used, which sustains a healthy local community of ‘Organic Cotton Farming,’ and ‘looming,’ which is sustainable in the long run. The end product is a high quality organic fabric, light and cosy, designed with ample love.

Each garment is a unique work of art made from the finest materials knitted with great passion and care. We offer a supple yet elegant clothing line, which entrances onlookers, for it makes a statement- ‘Vibrant’ and ‘Alluring.’